LET GO "A Little Guidebook To Freedom"

This fun book is a beginners guide to let go of what is no longer needed in your life. The book focuses on using of affirmations to help cope with letting go of the physical and emotion things.


"When you correctly make a decision straight from the heart, it will always feel right.  This is what I call, absolute freedom." Antony S Scandale   Intro Here it is...


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Listening is the Sound of Success

SHH…LISTEN UP PLEASE! I have been coaching and teaching skating and hockey lessons for nearly 20 years. I must admit, I have found great joy with teaching, and the best part is when my students exceed past their potential. On the other hand, what drives me nuts is when my students […]

Accidents happen, but how do you handle them?

Recently, I was in a small, fender-bender with another driver. Naturally, when this accident happened, I was immediately upset that my car was damaged. Until, however I saw the driver come out of the car to inspect the cracked bumper. The look of horror and of shame was prominent. Without […]

No Technology, No Problem

Gasp!!! No Internet! I remember a while back,  I had NO Internet access in my home for a few days. At first we thought that there was a router problem, however, after several attempts to get the signal to our computers, it became obvious that there was something out of our […]

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